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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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fortravelers at sfo. we're told some about 90 minutes and delays of about 90 minutes. especially along the west coast. that's one of the areas hardest hit. we have seen the rain and the wind but a duty manager tells me they're only capable of using two of the runways instead of the usual four and this slows the amount of planes they can land at any given time. there's a ground delay program in effect and one of the issues seems to be getting planes in and out, small planes along the west coast. i spoke with one woman who had a flight to medford, oregon. she said that was pushed back to noon and then 410. >> but i didn't get the message until 4:13.
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so i don't know if i'm going to be on this flight or delayed to a midnight flight or what. >> frustrating? >> it is frustrated, but you can't do anything about it. >> she did seem to be moving when we last saw her, so that's a good sign. in boston they're getting a little bit of difficulty but not as much as what's happening here along the west coast. we're told we might see more cancellations but with rain and winds possibly tapering off they're saying we could see a more favorable runway configure configuration but we have to wait and see. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. people had to deal with strong winds and flooding in spots. marianne favro live off interstate 101 at menlo park. it's clear now, but it was a huge mess earlier today. >> it really was and it caused quite a few delays terry. i'm here on march road over
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highway 101 and i want to show you the area that caused so many headaches for motorists earlier today. the same area flooded causing major delays back in december, but once again as you can clearly see, both directions south and northbound highway 101 it created backups for two miles. motorists complained of delays up to a half hour. flooding in this area has created problems in the past. there were major delays back in december but as you can see tonight, traffic is smoothing smoothly here at marsh road in menlo park but as rob may e mayeda says there are flood chances. >> it proved to be challenging for many drivers.
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nbc's bay area's nanette has that story. >> fit wasn't that it kept the occasional pedestrians on their toes. >> whew scary. that was real hard bchl careful. be safe out there, man. crazy out there. floods out there. all that. >> reporter: standing water was also a problem. drivers going way too fast were often caught by surprised. you can tell by all the water they kicked up. dy spite the conditions people still have to brave the bad weather and drive. for lee gross mitchell no amount of rain kept her from errands like girl scout cookies.
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>> my husband needs them for work tomorrow and it's my son's birthday so i have to go get birthday presents. >> drive safely. drive safely especially in these times. >> reporter: many californians also forget to turn on their headlights during storms. if your windshield wipers are on, the law says so must your headlight headlights. we'll have more on the storm coming up. we want to remind you about our nbc bay area weather app. you can see it for your own. it's free on google play in the apple store. we're also following breaking new in a gruesome story. you remember the dismembered body found in a suitcase in trans. the suspect arrestndeded and
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released is dead. mark jeffrey andres has dade at the hospital. he went into shock and is dead. the district attorney leased anders from jail on tuesday saying there was not enough evidence to charge him. the bodice covered in that suitcase still has not been identified. well, no sbaelteatbelt and a stall made for a deadly combination. a man driving a bmw stalled and came to a stop just before midnight just before the avenue. another man in a lex sum was not able to stop in time. the man was not wearing his seatbelt and died in the crash. the 78-year-old man in the lexus has survived and is recovering in the hospital. this one near the summit. it happened just after 10:30 in the morning. one person was sent to the hospital but is expected to
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recover. >> in bay point police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a woman. the 25-year-old woman was in the crosswalk at the intersection of canal drive and bailey road when a car slammed into her and kept going. it happened about 10:30 last night. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. people are asked if they know anything about this please come forward. right now they're working to put together a description of a car. >> in san francisco a former supervisor and state assembly man bake a victim. a man in a black mercedes hit several cars near mission and sixth street. tom was in one of the cars that was hit. the driver had been on the run since yesterday morning when officers tried to arrest him for aggravated assault. he was booked in jail after clashing with the officers allegedly one time reaching for one of their guns. >> coming up next at 5:00 incredible video where a volcano is erupting. no injuries but many
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communities on alert tonight. and in baghdad, reason to celebrate and also reason to mourn. dozening out from under the thumb of a ten-year curfew. we'll tell you about that.
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people in the iraqi capital of baghdad celebrated an end to
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a decade old nightly curfew. residents danced in the street this morning while others drove around in their cars. this stuff hasn't been allowed to happen since midnight to 5:00 a.m. over the past ten years, but, boy, it's happening now. the curfew was put in place due to growing sectarian violence after the u.s.-led invachlgs many had reason to mourn instead of celebrate. on sadr bombs exploded around the capital killing at least 40 people. the attacks are a stark reminder of the dangers still going on. a volcano has spewed ash on several tourist destinations. take a look at this video here. thick black clouds blanketing the skies in the southern region. firefighters are standing by as the fire volcano as it's called continues to rumble. no evacuations have been ordered but people were being told to wear masks and also be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. >> last week we learned 2014 was the hottest year on record and this week the united nations is
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working on battling climate change. world leaders are at an international meeting on climate change. they're trying to hammer out a deal to curb global warmer. that agreement is due in december and the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would hold a rice in global temperatures. >> and coming up next -- >> i think you have to have a very sobering reality that something like this can happen again. preparing for a disaster. they support to roads and bridges we drive on every day. >> have they been retrofitted to endure the next big quake. we investigate. next.
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the latest storm bringing fresh powder to the sierra. at last check they had 2 inches of snowfall. doesn't sound like a lot. heavenly valley or mountain as they call it now reported about 3 inches today. if you're heading up remember tire chains are required for the drive. >> who cares. if you're heading up take us with you. that looks great. seeing that makes me excited to get up there and go skiing rob. >> snow levels, 2 to 3 inches. low 40s. cooler air starts to drop on in. we could see 6 to 12 inches of
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fresh powder between now and mid to late afternoon tomorrow. after that interstate 80 or highway 50 as the snow levels begin to drop a bit. dropping rain around the bay area from a half inch to a half inch in spots. lohman picking up more than 2 inches of rain. right now we're seeing a bit of break, but mild conditions outside. winds are still the issues here. sustained from about 15 to 25 miles per hour and at least through 10:00 tonight. wind advisory up through the bay area where some of the stronger wind gusts may get close to 45 miles per hour. and still within the next two hours or so, we have this window for some severe weather especially in the highlighted areas here. eastern salon county especially out toward the central valley where they could have more intense shun der shorms.
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we could still see some thunderstorms even back to the bay area as we head toward this evening. right now mainly lighter to moderate showers around the foothills there off to the west. you see not much around peninsula right now. heavier showers throughout the afternoon have been moving around. as you take a closer look here it's spinning offshore and this next wave that's approaching the coast will renew the chance of seeing some showers and still the potential for stronger isolated thunderstorms, especially up around the north bay valleys as we approach midnight. the afternoon commute shouldn't be so bad as the showers begin to shut down as we head toward 3:00 and 4:00 tomorrow. tonight you can see the heavier pockets of shower. still a slight risk of showers. then as we head through the day tomorrow notice the showers mostly over the hilltops and eventually going away.
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showers for monday. and then the rest of the forecast begins to dry out. similar to today. mid-60s. you'll see a few showers to start the day around peninsula and san francisco and eventually high in the north bay. tuesday through sunday storms will try to approach the west coast. move off toward the pacific northwest and if they're offshore strong. look how the temperatures begin to vault up. once we pass tuesday and wednesday, you're looking at 70s. we could be reaching close to record-braking totals. 73 degrees by thursday and friday. as we plan ahead to next weekend, you'll see a dry start to the weekend, a much more calm weekend which happens to be valentine's weekend. those temperatures, mid-70s after more showers tonight into monday and things begin to warm up for the second half of the
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week. back to you. >> really nice. still ahead, the promise is a promise. they learn about keeping commitments and helping out the community. plus. coming up tonight with the mayor of boston saying this year's snowfalls are unprecedented, al roker will join us with the latest on another big snowmaker bearing down on new england. we'll look at the case of a man accused of killing sniper chris kyle and questions whether the movie "american sniper" could affect that trial and we'll tell you about an app to avoid police traps but it's giving police officers a lot of worry.
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columns along interstate 80 collapsed as they crumbled. we saw the deadly damage. now 25 years later they say we may not be any better offer. >> elise shows us how it can affect us when the next quake strikes. >> we've discovered many columns still need to be retrofitted and some that have already been retrofitted need to be looked at again. after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit, it took just six seconds for the cyprus freeway to collapse. it forced the upper deck to fall onto the roadway below. 35 cars and trucks were crushed. dr. jim betts is the chief of surgery at children's hospital in oakland. he was one of the first doctors
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to climb into the chaos. >> the whole situation was so unnatural. for those of us who hadn't actually been in an earthquake of that magnitude. >> reporter: he performed surgery on a 6-year-old boy. he saved the boy's life but 42 people died. >> i think you have to have a very sobering reality that something like this can happen again. >> reporter: and when the next powerful earthquake happens will the columns fail again? the investigative unit has found that some have yet to be retrofitted. >> the ones that have not been retrofitted will not farewell. it's somewhat overdue. >> she says when that happens the older nonretrofitted columns will sustain the most
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significant damage. >> with the type of ground shaking can result from it has increased tremendously the last three years. >> we're racing time yes. >> reporter: tom horton is the vice manager. his team has raced to retrofit more than 1,700 columns along more than 70 miles of track, but 250 columbias on a 4 1/2 mile stretch from the oakland coliseum to lake merritt still needs to be retrofitted. it was done over three decades ago. he expects to finish the job by 2019. >> why the holdup? >> well, we had some issues with funding. in fact, we have some federal funding that needs to be allocated. we expect that to be pretty much any time now. >> in order to retrofit the columns crews must widen the base and then complete a system of rebar that circles around the column and add another layer of cement.
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for some a metal casing is placed around the column. workers are also making comment cross beams larger and stronger beneath the train tracks. >> this bridge has been retrofitted twice. >> tom os stroum is the chief. since then he said caltranss has spent 14 billion dollars retrofitting more than 2,000 bridges in california but new earthquake data from the u.s. geological survey may force the agency to go back and redoes some of the bridges and columns they retrofitted which won't be made public. >> would you feel comfortable doing that? >> yes, absolutely yeah. >> why? >> because we know we've done great job. >> but caltrans doesn't control all the bridges and columns. they merged the national bridge inventory with data provided by caltrans. we discovered 23 bridges owned by local authorities that still need to be retrofitted,
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including eight crucial bridges and ramps. they're owned by the san francisco transportation authority. they say the project won't be completed until 2019. >> the network is dancing off. they'll be able to go from point a to point b, except it will take a lot longer go from one location to the other. >> take the bridge which is owned by the city of fremont. an average of 16,000 vehicles cross it every day. you can see visible signs of wear here and it happens to be directed over b.a.r.t. which has no jurisdiction over the bridge. fremont plans to replace the bridge by the summer of 2016. meantime as we wait for the inevitable. >> it's not a question of in but when. >> dr. jim betts fears that those older structures might
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hinder saving lives when another big one strikes. >> and you're limited by what resources you can bring in or getting people out of that kind of dangerous area wherever it is. >> and to give you an even closer look at what we found, you can go to our website, nbc bay you can see it right here. you're also going to see this interactive map. we've identified all the columbias, bridges and maps. in addition you can see where they exist and our coverage on disaster preparedness continued. tomorrow jenna susko looks at why dozens of bay area hospitals may not be able to withstand the next big earthquake. elise kerchirchnerkirchner nbc bay area news. >> call us at 1-888-99 f-tips or send us an e-mail at theunit
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finally tonight a show of dedication. >> take a look at these gardeners. they did not let the rain keep them from keeping up on their community service promise. they teamed up with urban relief. >> r-e-l-e-a-f. >> there you. this was in honor of a jewish holiday similar to arbor day. the group planted five trees before the end of the daying big trees. >> i can't help but they back on the drone story we did where a drone can plant a billion trees. >> a bunch of seeds. >> it is raining very hard. >> a lot of rain. >> we're seeing showers redevelop close to san jose. you can see that if you're
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watching us around saratoga. even though the more intense thunderstorms causing some localized flooding right now are east. you see that next little wave of bright white clouds. that's what we'll pinpoint for you. it's that group of showers there that have had some lightning detected. we'll see as that approaches the bay area tonight. we'll have a chance of showers and thunderstorms. now, as we head toward tomorrow, showers will likely be a part of your morning commute. then as we head toward the afternoon, we'll see a gradual clearing. what's very interesting about our weather pattern moving forward is a complete reversal is going to take place tuesday into wednesday. for tomorrow highs in the 70s as we approach next weekend. so high pressure is coming back. if you thought it would be mild the last few days. >> it's whiplash weather. >> we'll not complain about a single drop of rain. we need ever bit of it. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next and more local news on nbc
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bay area at 6:00. >> hope to see you then. take care. on this sunday night, no end in sight. two more feet of snow in areas that have seen unprecedented amounts. behind it, a potentially record breaking cold snap. this as the west coast gets hit with more torrential rain. american sniper trial for the man accused of killing navy seal chris kyle. questions over whether the movie could affect the outcome. great divide. a proposal for the grand canyon. will it ruin the view or offer an experience like no other? and rescue me. hundreds of baby sea lions turning up on california beaches and no one knows why. tonight, what's being done to save them.


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